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Lucknow, India

I’ve completed my my undergrad degree in electronics and instrumentation, but taking MIT’s 6.002x Circuit and Electronics was my first exposure to world class education from US colleges. Having access to courses from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world at no cost was an amazing concept. This course gave me a totally new perspective as to what ‘quality education’ meant. As I studied, I witnessed edX grow, giving me even more opportunities to explore new concepts and subjects. EdX has created a platform that erases the boundaries of traditional university education.

Since 6.00.2x, I’ve now also taken courses in Technology and Entrepreneurship from Stanford, Neuroscience from Harvard, and many more. This would not have been possible before edX. Edx laid the foundation for my learning and will continue to enrich me forever.

I was accepted into the Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Georgia Tech, and now live in Metz, France attending the European Campus at Georgia Tech Lorraine. This would not have been possible if edX hadn’t exposed me to the world class education that these universities offer.

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