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  1. avahayslip Says: March 23, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    I am currently taking my classes online due to the corona virus and it certainly has been a struggle. Thank you for your tips they are very helpful. I have made sure to set goals for myself each day so that I can make the most out of everyday. I want to be a good student outside of the classroom so they know I am still working hard while this chaos has been going on in the world. I have also made sure to keep contact with my friends and with my professors so they can help me when I need it and give advice when I need it. I have been trying also to keep my family in the loop so they know I am accomplishing my goals throughout the day and I am working hard. this has defiantly been quite a switch for me, but I am still making sure I hold myself accountable for each assignment. Thank you for these tips!

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