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To learn more about Chris and his work with edX, check out the Q&A below.Chris Terman

What are you most excited to work on at edX?

Chris Terman: I love building online environments that allow students to create and test working designs (circuits, software, etc.), which let them use what they’re learning. I think sophisticated interaction “blades,” interaction models that can be plugged-in to different assignments online, are very important to learning and helpful in differentiating edX from other online education providers.

Where do you see online education and edX heading?

CT: It’s exciting to think about how to customize students’ educational experience based on what we learn about their needs by watching how they work on edX assignments. The Holy Grail is to have the edX framework be able to provide cogent and timely counseling to students, perhaps equaling or rivaling what they’d get from a personal tutor. For the first time we have access to an at-scale educational laboratory, which I hope will really accelerate our exploration of what’s possible.

What else are you passionate about?

CT: Aside from online education? 🙂 I love walking, particularly in the mountains. For many summers I’ve led hiking tours in the Swiss Alps. Summer snowball fights at 12000′ are fun!

Welcome to Chris. We’re so pleased to have you on the edX team.

By Patrick Cavallario, Community Manager, edX

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