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Ever wonder how a giant rubber duck could help you better understand a fundamental element of life? Find out with DelftX Introduction to Water and Climate.

Introduction to Water and Climate from DelftX begins August 26 and will examine water’s essentialness to life on earth and its importance to society. To help illustrate water systems—the flow of water and sand in different riverine, coastal and ocean systems—and how they work, research Max Radermacher and his course team ventured to the Rhine with a rubber duck in hand!

This summer, Max floated the rubber duck down the Rhine from its source in Tomasee, located in the Swiss Alps. The movement of the duck provides an indication of the river’s water velocity, the steadiness of the flow, the position of the main channel and how the river’s course develops all the way to Rotterdam.

Students of Introduction to Water and Climate will see Max and the rubber duck throughout the course lecture videos at various locations along the Rhine.

Check out Max and the large, yellow rubber duck, and register now to join their journey on August 26. Introduction to Water and Climate can be taken on its own or as part of the Water XSeries on edx.org. Learn more about the online course and sign up today!

By Rachel Lapal, edX Communications Manager

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