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Wall Street to Main Street: Build Your Finance Knowledge

Do you understand how money works in the world? Are you well equipped to make sound financial decisions both personally and professionally? With finance being a part of everyday life, having financial literacy enables you to confidently manage and understand your money.

According to the Consumer Financial Literacy Survey in 2013, more than 75% of U.S. adults agree they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions. And, in 2014, 61% of U.S. adults admitted to not having a budget, even though a budget is considered a building block of financial stability.

Developing financial acumen and skills is also a global concern. Financial illiteracy is widespread, even in financial markets that are well developed, such as Germany, Sweden and Japan. The 2012 Global Financial Literacy Barometer, a study of the financial literacy levels of people in 28 nations, revealed that respondents in more than half of the 28 countries surveyed believe that overall, teenagers and young adults do not understand money management basics, such as budgeting, savings, debt, and spending responsibly.

So, what does it mean to be financially literate? Simply put, financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.  This can be anything from paying your bills to setting up your retirement plan to understanding how the economy works.

Being able to make well–informed financial decisions will allow you to properly manage your money and achieve both personal and professional goals, whether they are going to and affording college, buying a house, getting a new job or starting a family.

Take advantage of edX finance courses  to enhance your financial literacy. Join our global learning community and develop and refine your financial skills today.