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I was proud to represent edX during a visit to Garfield Middle School, in Revere, MA this past Thursday as part of Computer Science Education Week. Their school recently won a $10,000 grant from Code.org in recognition of their commitment to the Hour of Code, as demonstrated by their school-wide participation in Computer Science Education Week.

I am so excited to be part of the computer science education and Hour of Code movements. Motivating our next generation of engineers, scientists, artists, health care workers, and citizens to learn more about the amazing world of coding — from practical to creative applications — is something we should all do more of. I look forward to working more with Garfield Middle School over the coming semester as their technology classes dive deeper beyond the Hour of Code into more complex computer science ideas.

I encourage anyone wishing to learn more (or interested in teaching!) about coding to check out the following resources:

These are just a small number of the resources out there! Happy coding!

By Sarina Canelake, Software Engineer & Open edX Team

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