Using His MicroMasters® Program Certificate To Secure A New Job: Meet Anderson

How did you first learn about edX?

I initially learned about the edX platform from a family member who was also introduced to the platform by his job. He forwarded an email from his employer which talked about the classes edX offers and how beneficial it was to employees who wanted to enhance skill set by signing by taking courses on the edX platform.

What were your goals in taking the Cloud Computing MicroMasters®  program?

My main goal was to take all four courses on cloud computing that was offered through the edX platform.

How did the program help you?

The program helped to introduce me to cloud computing courses such as cloud security, cloud computing infrastructure, cloud computing management, and cloud computing for enterprises.

What did you like most about learning online?

What I liked the most was the convenience of taking the class online. I also liked the interaction with cloud computing faculty at UMUC and how quick they were able to respond to students’ questions.

Did your coursework result in any direct outcomes (career or personal)?

Yes, I was able to secure a job with a top IT company, Booz Allen Hamilton, as a cloud solutions architect. Booz Allen Hamilton is also the corporate endorser for the program that I took.

What advice would you give new edX learners?

The only advice I will give new edX learners is to stay focused and create a goal to complete the coursework on any program.