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Using Big Data, Analytics & Statistics to Advance his Career: Meet, Nilaish

I found edX, and Microsoft’s Data Science Essentials course while researching online certification courses on data science. As a Ph.D. candidate, I regularly dive into a lot of research and absolutely loved the skill set taught through the Data Science Essentials course. The videos provided were interactive, well-structured and convenient. Through this course, I learned about R Studio & Azure ML – a powerful tool for predictive analytics, and an in-demand skill set from employers.

After taking Data Science Essentials, I later joined HarvardX’s program on Statistics & R  – a perfect course for data science professionals that also happened to be my favorite one. The course was delivered by the faculty of Harvard University and it was valuable to learn data visualization, cleaning, and inference techniques using statistics.

In my professional career, I wanted to get a job conducting research, and these two edX courses helped me get a well-paying job in the academic sector. The interviewers asked many questions pertaining to the knowledge that I gained in the courses I took, and they were convinced that I knew a great deal about R, Statistics and Predictive Analytics.

The best part about the courses I took was that I could choose what to take and learn online at my own pace, which turned out to be quite helpful with my busy schedule. I gained a variety of skill sets including R-programming, Python, Azure ML, Predictive Analytics, Applied Mathematics and Algorithm writing. I had no previous technical background (Commerce graduate, MBA and Ph.D. Candidate in Supply Chain Management) but these courses provided the practical platform to learn these sought-after techniques by employers in the current market.

I am grateful that online learning platforms like edX exist to provide cutting edge courses at an affordable cost. In the current job market, employers now not only look for educational qualifications but skill sets which can be demonstrated and applied.The courses offered on edX are designed by market experts, give students the freedom to learn at their own pace, and promote new useful skills that act as a differentiator in this competitive workplace environment.

Although you can audit the course at no cost, I found that getting a verified certificate made my resume stand out from other applicants. The last interview that I sat for, I was surprisingly told that, “I don’t think that you will have problem understanding the higher dimensions of this subject … as you know most of it.”  For that, I can thank edX.