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  1. sendrabin Says: April 28, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    I am afraid that not having assessments and quizzes in the audit courses would limit the learning experience. Assessments greatly reinforce the learning experience and should be included in the free version. If certificates are provided only for a verified/paid version that is okay, but anything that aids the learning(such as quizzes, assignments) should be included in the free version. Now, I am in a dilemma whether or not to continue the courses I signed up for since I am not sure how much learning aids I have access to and whether I would have a rich learning experience.

  2. Have you considered a third track with lower price, that would come without certficate, but still with access to graded assesments? In my opinion they are essential to take the most of all the courses available on edX, and for now free audit is just not worth enrolling at all. Subscription plans like the Pluralsight offers could be another option. Their plans, starting at $30 per month for full access to every course, sound reasonable and somewhat still affordable for most of the people.

  3. rootsmusic Says: January 14, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Please consider permitting audit track to at least view ungraded assessments (like your competitors do).

  4. Many of us are driven by intellectual curiousity. This leads to a wish to browse many courses, rather than a need to obtain a certificate for a few specific courses!

    I suggest a scheme whereby one can pay an annual fee for unlimited access to archived courses and the associated automated grading.

  5. kanchana.ramar@gmail.com Says: December 17, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    It is good that you have a uniform policy for audit and certified tracks across courses and institutions. Pricing will continue to be a debate. It depends on how the certification is valued in the job market. Introduction of the remote proctor system for the final exam is a great step. It will add value to the certificate. edX could think about including a substantial project for the verified learners to demonstrate their learning in the course. This might help others guage the level of understanding of the learner. Be that as it may, I believe that as of now, MOOCs are better suited to fill in skill gaps rather than knowledge gaps. One must attend a formal university for the latter.

  6. Key question for me is in what way are you going to remove graded assessments from audit learners ? Will they not see the graded assessment content at all (1) or they will see it, but won’t be able to take any action on it (2) (like it’s for archived courses where “submit” button is grey and inactive)? Or maybe some mix of these (3) – e.g. quiz questions between videos visible, labs, exams not visible?

    If it’s the first option (1) then it would be very bad for multiple reasons for those that actually want to purchase the certificate (or rather since now: purchase the grading experience and certificate).

  7. I think I am one of the very first people to join this platform. It is a unique platform that gives people access to further learning and mostly people who could not afford high level education.

    I agree there is a need for finance to manage and run the now enterprise. Like one of the contributors said when you convert $50 to the Nigerian naira for example that is about 18,225.00 Naira. This is more than what some people earn in a month. I am using the minimum charges here. The platform is becoming more expensive for people that needed it most.

    Along looking for money, maybe your can have alumni platform where those that have benefited and using their knowledge gained at work can donate, interact and bring ideas on better financing. A social gathering of alumni will bring people together – T-shirts and other stuffs can be sold so the main purpose of helping the poor is not lost!

  8. Hi guys, are you planning to adjust price on some of the courses? Prices ranges from $50 up to $300, which makes some of them very, very expensive. That’d be nice if all of them were $50 for example.

  9. Michael Armstrong Says: December 17, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you for being open and transparent regarding your changes. Please reconsider unblocking access to assessments for those auditing courses. Not everyone can afford to pay the fee at the beginning of a course. Auditing also provides time to work on a course and earn funds to pay for ongoing access and a certificate. Limiting access limits learning opportunities for those who do not have the money intially. Perhaps you allow full access for a trial period. Or you have a paid audit category at a low cost that offers full access that can be upgraded. Thanks.

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