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As part of our ongoing efforts at edX to increase access to quality education and to reach more global learners, we are offering translated course videos (transcripts) for select courses in Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese. Check out three of these translated courses launching next week!

Introduction to Psychology – SMES – February 23, 2015
Taught in English with Spanish and Mandarin video transcripts. Why do we dream? Why is our brain pre-wired to comprehend and learn language? Is intelligence fixed, or flexible? In this course, learn how psychologists measure mental function and behavior, and how the results are reported.  Gain a better understanding of perception, consciousness, personality, cognition, dreams, and various mental disorders in this introductory psychology course.

Applications of Linear Algebra, Part 1 – DavidsonX – February 23, 2015
Taught in English with Spanish video transcripts. Did you know you can use linear algebra to create your predictions for March Madness or the FIFA World Cup? This course will change your perspective on applications of linear algebra and the world around us. You will learn the basics of matrix algebra with an emphasis on application, computer graphics and data mining. We’ll also explore predictive analytics. Come to this course ready to investigate your own ideas. 

Valoración de futbolistas con el método AHP – UP ValenciaX — February 24, 2015
Taught in Spanish with English video transcripts. Sports are much more than a means to stay fit, or a fun way to support your favorite teams. They are also of great economic importance. Learn to assess and select players analytically with the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP ) method used worldwid. Select the best player, or estimate the value of the transfer of a player using the amounts paid for similar players in recent trading position.

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