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Ulysse Toussaint

Norristown, PA | USA | Age 35

I was born and raised in Ayiti, Haiti. My mother and I moved to Pennsylvania after High School so that I could attend college. I now work as a wedding photographer in the Philadelphia area, and co-founded Professional for Higher Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (PHEEL) with my sister. PHEEL is a movement focused on raising awareness and funding to build Auiti’s first sustainable  higher learning base on the STEM disciplines, Service Learning, and civic engagement to provide higher education for the women and children of Ayiti

I took Challenges of Global Poverty from MITx to teach me how to help the women and children of my country rebuild after the January 2010 earthquake. I have learned a lot and am taking those practical tools to Ayiti with me this summer to start applying most of them. Specifically I learned that proper nutrition during the first few years of a child’s life significantly affects how tall they’ll be, how much money they’ll make, and how long they’ll be alive. Before taking the class, a food program was not the top of our agenda, but right now it is PHEEL’s #1 priority for the children of Ayiti.

I am about to release my first documentary this fall on the education system in Haiti.

I plan to continue to take courses through edX. I am currently enrolled in Justice from HarvardX, and am looking forward to Energy 101 from UTAustinX this fall.

I believe that poor kids can learn too, but how many of them actually have the opportunity? EdX is helping to make education a right to those who want it.