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Glassdoor.com recently published a list of the highest paying jobs in America for 2016 based on salary data that people with these jobs shared in the past year. While doctors and lawyers topped the list, it is interesting to note, and not all that surprising, that the majority of careers in the top 25 were in information technology. With the exponential growth of the Internet of Things and the rise in Big Data, the need for software developers and data scientists is strong and will remain that way for years to come.

While a high salary is certainly not the reason to choose a career path, it is good to see which skills and areas of expertise are commanding top dollar. This is an indicator of strong demand in the job market which translates into more choices and better job security for candidates. The right computer programming skills can open doors to positions at a wide range of companies, offer candidates the flexibility to work from anywhere and provide challenging and rewarding employment.

I’ve taken some of the top-paying jobs from Glassdoor.com’s list and paired them with online courses to give you an intro into the field. Enroll in any of these open courses and explore exciting and lucrative career directions.

Physician – #1

While a career as a physician pays very well, the rewards are so much more than financial. Explore this field with courses in global health and human anatomy. View additional biology courses online at edX.

Link To Human Anatomy from HKPolyUx

Link To Nutrition X-Series from WageningenX

Lawyer – #2

Learn about human rights, international law and much more with courses on a host of legal topics.

Link To International Human Rights from LouvainX

Link To Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract by HarvardX

Link To The EU and Human Rights from KULeuvenX

Link To International Law from LouvainX

Research and Development Manager – #3

Innovation is the key to survival for most companies. Spark your creativity and learn how to think scientifically with these featured courses.

Link To Question Everything Scientific: Thinking in Real Life from UQx

Link To Reinvent Yourself: Unleash Your Creativity from UTHealthSPHx

Software Development Manager – #4 / Software Architect – #7 / IT Manager – #9

Programming skills are some of the most lucrative skills to add to your resume. Enroll in introductory computer science courses and enter the exciting world of web development.

Link To Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails from UC BerkeleyX

Link To How to Code Systematic Program Design from UBCx

Link To Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Android from HKUSTx

Link To JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development from Microsoft

Data Scientist – #16

A 2012 article from the Harvard Business Review called the position of Data Scientist the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” Explore this exciting field with the Data Science XSeries from Columbia University.

Link To Data Science and Analytics in Context from ColumbiaX

Link To Data Analysis for Your Business Course from DelftX

Link To Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX by DelftX

Link To Data Analysis: Building Your Own Business Dashboard from DelftX

For a complete program in Data Science, enroll in the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. This 9-course online program will get you on a path to a new career in this in-demand field. Start with the short, introductory course, Data Science Orientation, to learn more about this exciting program.

Analytics Manager – #24

Analytics managers are essential for strategic decision making at every company. Learn how to visualize data, discover trends, identify opportunities and make informed decisions with free online data analysis courses.

Link To Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel from Microsoft

Link To Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics from ColumbiaX

Link To Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel from Microsoft

Link To Marketing Analytics X-Series from UC BerkeleyX


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  3. MoocLister Says: March 28, 2016 at 6:48 am

    Cool – but don’t forget the jobs in the future that will probably be most in demand will be those with human interaction. jelt.com

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