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This MIT Program is Building the Next Generation of Finance Leaders

When asked what the hot topic in finance will be in 2020, Paul Mende, senior lecturer in the Finance Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, says “risk.”

“Financial markets and the global economy are facing increasing challenges beyond the realm of traditional forecasting and decision-making,” Mende said.

The challenges of modern global markets and increased opportunity for finance innovation is part of what led MIT to partner with edX to create a new, fully online pathway to developing powerful modern finance skills and tools: MITx’s innovative Finance MicroMasters® program.

Learn more about MITx’s Finance MicroMasters® program.

The Growth of Data-Driven Corporate Finance Jobs

The skills and expertise required for a career in finance are in high demand across countless industries. From asset management, to corporations, to official institutions, the job opportunities and career options for qualified finance professionals continue to grow and evolve.

In fact, demand for financial analysts is predicted to grow at a faster than average rate of 11% through 2026, and in particular the demand for financial data and analytical skills is growing. A recent report by IBM and Burning Glass states that the demand for data-driven corporate finance positions accounts for 19% of all job openings in the finance industry.

Build High-Demand, High-Impact Finance Skills

MITx’s Finance MicroMasters® program is designed to help a wide range of professionals advance in the finance field or fast-track a master’s degree through a rigorous, comprehensive online curriculum delivered by the world-renowned MIT Sloan School of Management.

Drawn from the STEM-based curriculum taught on campus, the program’s five online courses cover everything from the basics of modern corporate finance, capital budgeting, capital structure, and corporate risk management to how to read and analyze financial statements to advanced financial modeling and strategies.

Learners who complete and pass each course in this online program may earn a MicroMasters program certificate in finance, and are considered affiliate members of the MIT Alumni Association. Those learners are eligible to apply to the MIT Sloan Master of Finance and upon acceptance, earn credit for the work performed online.

“Goldman Sachs is always seeking candidates with the right balance of foundational financial knowledge and leading edge quantitative expertise. Completing the MITx MicroMasters®️ Program in Finance indicates a level of skill and commitment that we look for when hiring or promoting finance professionals,” said Armen Avanessians, head of the Quantitative Investment Group at Goldman Sachs.

An Affordable Fast Track to a Powerful Finance Career

Take the next step in your corporate finance career path. Enroll in the MITx MicroMasters program to master the finance concepts and the practical skill sets needed to value projects, manage financial risks, model markets, and find optimal solutions to challenging business and investment decisions in an increasingly uncertain world. Complete the program in as little as one year and three months, for less than $2,500.

Learn the powerful tools of modern finance: Get started with MITx’s Finance MicroMasters® program.

“MIT Sloan is committed to making a better world through education, research, and innovation. This exciting new program will contribute to that important mission by equipping a diverse and talented group of students from around the world with the powerful tools of modern finance,” Lucas said.

“Not only will that knowledge open the door to exciting career paths for many participants, but it will benefit society by helping to create the next generation of global leaders in finance.”

Whether you’re in an entry-level or senior-level position, it’s crucial to develop skill sets that meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing economy. Learn more about business courses and programs that develop specific expertise in areas like financial analysis and deliver the problem-solving and communication skills today’s leaders need.