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It’s no surprise that the New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, learn something new and be a better, more positive person top most lists. These things form the basis for achieving so much more. A healthier you will be energized and ready to take on the world. Learning something new can open doors, create opportunities and greatly enrich your life. Having a positive “can do” attitude is what helps you achieve your dreams.

It’s one thing to have these goals on your list for 2016 and another thing to follow through with them. Most people are unable to keep their resolutions because, let’s face it, life gets busy. By March, most resolutions are put on the back burner until after Christmas.

Following through with your resolutions involves making a plan, putting reminders on your calendar, making self-assessments of your progress and much more. It might sound like a lot, but it can make all the difference and actually be inspiring and fun. I’ve outlined a few tips below to help you work toward these 3 very important resolutions for 2016.

Resolution: Live Healthier

Happy-ManEating healthy and regularly going to the gym is so much easier said than done. Eating right is usually on everyone’s list until someone brings a homemade cherry cheesecake to the office. There are some things that no one can resist. The important thing to remember about living healthier is that it is a marathon and not a sprint. Completely cutting out everything that you love to eat is a recipe for disaster. You’re setting yourself up to fail. To do this right, you need to embrace healthier eating habits over time by learning more about nutrition and understanding what makes your body tick.

Learn About Nutrition – Take a free, 8-week online course to learn about nutrition and how to eat right. Know what to look for and what to avoid at the grocery and out at restaurants. Learn more and enroll in Introduction to Health and Wellness.

ASUx - EXW100 - Credit Eligible - Introduction to Health and Wellness, Starts January 11, 2016.Get Inspiration from Others – Netflix has many excellent documentaries on nutrition and eating right. From Supersize Me to Food Matters, there are great opportunities to learn about nutrition and get motivated to take action.

Use the Buddy System or Join a Group – Nothing will help motivate you like a friend calling you to work out. Find someone that will go on the journey with you. Engage in fun competition to help you reach goals.

Make an Investment – Paying for a personal trainer, a yoga class or a nutritionist is a great motivator. You will be much more likely to keep your appointments and stay on track.

Plan Ahead/Meal-Prep – This is a proven way to keep your diet healthy. When you know that you have your lunch or dinner waiting for you then it’s easier to stay away from fast food or other unhealthy options.

Track Your Results – Regularly tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated.

Results = Motivation – Have you made some great strides? Let people know about it and inspire others to join you in the quest for good health.

Resolution: Learn Something New Every Day

Resolve to bring new knowledge into your life every day. I’m not talking about reading the news or learning new celebrity gossip. Invest in learning new skills or expanding your knowledge. It can create new opportunities, grow your career or simply make you feel better.

UTHealthSPHx - Imagine99x - Reinvent Yourself: Unleash Your Creativity - Current - Self-PacedTake a CourseEnroll in online courses that interest you. Choose from hundreds of free courses from top universities.

Challenge Yourself – How fluent could you be in Spanish, French or English by the end of the year? Could you learn a new programming language by the end of March? Set goals and map out a plan. Find online or local courses and groups to help you along the way.

Get Social – Share your new knowledge and inspire others to learn.

Resolution: Be a More Positive, Happier You

Happier-YouEveryone knows a person that only seems to think about the negative side of things. It can be a beautiful sunny day and they only talk about it being a bit too warm. You just want to shake them and say “snap out of it!” Well, maybe instead of shaking them, you can introduce them to the science behind happiness. Research has shown that positive psychology can lead to a happier life. Studies link happiness to strong social connections and being able to contribute to something greater than yourself. A strong social connection goes way beyond friending someone on Facebook that you’ve never met just so you can reach the 5000-friend mark. You need a close social network of people that you have an emotional attachment to and interact with regularly. Contributing to the greater good is another key to happiness. People need to know that they are helping and that their work is appreciated.

UCBerkeleyx GG101x - The Science of Happiness, Starting Soon - Starts January 5, 2016 - Self-PacedHow do you get on the path to a happier you? By tapping into some activities that are proven to lift your spirits and making a point to do them every day. Get more involved in the lives of the people that matter most to you. Truly embrace your close friendships. Get involved in your community and look for ways that you can help others. Be physically active and get outside. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you happier. There are many more strategies for improving your outlook and the best way to kick-start this resolution is to take the free course on The Science of Happiness starting January 5th. This 8-week course will not only get you on track toward the longer-term process of building a happier you, it will introduce you to other people around the world working toward the same goal. Find others online to help motivate you to keep this resolution going throughout the year as you embrace a whole new outlook on life where the glass is not just half full, it’s overflowing.

Visit edX for more online courses to help you have a happier and healthier new year.

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