Terry: Building His Business and Inspiring Others to Learn with Self-Paced Courses

Terry, 29, a life coach in Vancouver, Canada, shares how edX is helping him develop his practice and encourage his clients to improve their lives.

I’m a Life Coach in Vancouver B.C., Canada, and the AP Psychology courses from UBCx are helping me become a more diverse coach. For example, I would really like to branch out and start coaching more individuals who suffer from severe mental health issues, but going to school full time while running a business just isn’t an option right now. However, edX’s self-paced programs allow me to develop this aspiration of mine while I continue to run and build my company. The knowledge I’ve gained from the courses I’ve taken on edX has allowed me to expand my client base. As I learn more about different fields of psychology, I’m able to apply this understanding to my work with new clients.

Aside from my own professional and personal benefits from edX, the courses I’ve taken have become an invaluable tool in my coaching practice. I recommend the service to many of my clients because it presents them with options and opportunities they never thought were available to them. I see their eyes light up to a world of possibility when I show them some of the course videos, and it really gives them the gusto to turn their lives around. As edX removes the heavy burden of expensive course fees and the 3-4 years long commitment, my clients feel comfortable exploring pursuits they’re genuinely passionate about.

The advantages provided by edX stretch far beyond ‘free online courses,’ too – I have a young client who suffers from severe social anxiety, to the point where he had to be pulled out of school because he could not focus on his studies. He feared being called out in front of his entire class for presentations, let alone the pressure of meeting deadlines and the issues around group projects. The self-paced courses on edX are allowing him to learn in the comfort of his own home, and connect with a community of learners and educators online. Not only does he feel less anxious about his education, he feels like he’s in more control of his life, and is feeling optimistic about his future. More importantly, it’s helping him realize how bright of an individual he is — he’s already exploring careers in Artificial Intelligence and Solar Engineering!

I also have mature clients who are finding themselves at a crossroads in life, feeling unfulfilled by their current jobs, and/or looking for that next challenge to get excited about. The introductory courses on edX have proven to be a great way for them to explore different industries and opportunities without having to commit the time and money to a full course. Many of my older clients fear making the wrong decision when furthering their education and developing their skills, but edX really does make it a worry-free and more mindful process for them.

EdX is not only making education accessible to so many, it’s providing people the access to happier and more fulfilled lives. Keep up the amazing work!