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The Talent Behind Acquiring Talent: Meet Rose

Welcome to the latest edition of edX Insider, where we introduce you to people behind the scenes at edX. Today, we sit down with Rose, Recruiter, to chat about her best advice for edX learners, what makes a good recruiter, and more.

Quick Stats:
Name: Rose Sinclair
Department & Role: Recruiter, Talent Acquisition
Hometown: Northfield, Vermont (Go Marauders!)
Favorite Song: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

What do you think makes edX different?
The work we’re doing is meaningful. One of the first things I noticed after starting here is that people bring their A-game to work every day and I think the mission drives that.

What’s your favorite part of working at edX?
There’s a lot to be done as we are growing and scaling. This allows for edXers to have a core function but also dive into other areas that help us as we grow, and there’s opportunity for experimentation. I’ve been lucky enough to be empowered on my team to learn more about recruitment marketing, for example, and integrate it into my role.

What would you say are the top 3 most important traits of a recruiter?
It’s important to be inquisitive and ask good questions. Recruiters should also be adaptable and resilient.

Best advice for edX learners?
I’ve taken one course, Business Communication from RITx, and I think the best advice I have is to commit to a schedule. Block time on your calendar like you would an on-campus class.

One thing your colleagues may not know about you?
I worked on a 30 acre wholesale organic farm in central Vermont throughout summers in college. We did it all – washed and packed hundreds of boxes of romaine lettuce for Whole Foods in Boston every week, planted Christmas trees, picked strawberries, and cut cilantro. Eat local!