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Advance Your Career!
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Committed to lifelong learning and providing innovative and accessible ways for learners around the world to develop new skills, edX launched professional education courses in 2014. These courses are fee-based and designed to offer busy professionals a flexible, affordable and impactful way to continue to build skills and advance their careers without having to leave their offices or homes. With technical developments and skills changing faster today...

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Earlier this year, we shared news of our collaboration with McKinsey Academy on a new social learning platform. Expanding upon our initial collaboration, McKinsey Academy has announced a special opportunity for a limited number of edX learners to participate in one of their courses. If you are a registered edX student looking to advance your leadership and business skills, McKinsey Academy invites you to submit an application to be considered...

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Merci à LouvainX pour la traduction de ce billet. Pour lire le billet original en anglais, cliquer ici. Comment partager vos certificats sur LinkedIn? Avec plus de 300 millions de membres, LinkedIn est devenu un réseau professionnel incontournable. Aujourd’hui, de nombreux RH et recruteurs utilisent LinkedIn comme premier outil pour repérer des candidats potentiels et chasser des têtes. Comment pouvez-vous faire ressortir votre profil ?...

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Navigating the Two Kinds of Online Discussion Forums was originally written for the EdTech Researcher Blog published byEducation Week.  Over the weekend, edX announced some changes to the features in their discussion forums, and the changes illuminate some interesting issues in student behavior, pedagogy, and instructional design. On the one hand, discussion forums are often seen as central to massive open online courses because in many...

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When MOOCs are contrasted with traditional residential courses, such comparisons are often based on individual components (video vs. live lectures, online forums vs. classroom discussion, multiple-choice tests vs. graded papers, etc.). While such comparative analyses are worthwhile, they may miss the most important element of learning success: the motivation level of a student. A personal analysis of this phenomenon derives from my Degree of Freedom...

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A little while back we announced a new collaboration with LinkedIn to make it easier for you to showcase your edX achievements on your LinkedIn Profile. We are now pleased to announce that you can start populating your LinkedIn profile with your edX honor code and ID verified certificates. If you’ve earned any type of certificate with edX, check your email inbox over the next...

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             Everyday we see the dedication our students bring to their coursework. We are often inspired by how much time and effort they put into successfully completing their course and earning a certificate. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, to make it easier for edX students to share...

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Before making a thread about your problem, do a quick search to see  if your question has already been addressed. It’s often the case that  there will be one or two threads asking the same question that has  been answered. When making a thread, be as specific as you can, both in the title and body of the thread. For example, “Need help” isn’t a good title. A better title...

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