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Colombia Last year, for the very first time I started a course on edX: UC BerkeleyX’s ColWri2.2x: Principles of Written English, which allowed me to be part of a community and share with people around the world. It was so an amazing experience! I want to learn more every day, and edX gave me that opportunity. I can also certificate my knowledge about every new thing I learn. How...

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Photo of Scarlett Swerdlow
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Chicago, IL I hadn’t done math in more than ten years. That was about to change. I was returning to school to pursue a masters in public policy. The program has a reputation as “mathy.” The core curriculum includes a sequence in statistics, but I’d never stepped foot in a stats class. I wanted to test the waters before jumping in, to make sure I’d...

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New York City | Pakistan I’m from NYC where I am currently studying at Baruch College, originally I’m from Pakistan. My take on edX is that it is surely the best thing ever happen to mankind since its inception. My odyssey to edX so far has been absolutely amazing. Gaining knowledge and then cultivating it into something productive is precisely what I always wanted to...

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Photo of Sophia Ivanova
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I really want to thank the 7.00x team for the effort and dedication! This course literally changed my life. Eric Lander is one of the few teachers that are thoroughly devoted to their work! I literally saw the sparkle in his eyes when he gave the lectures and I felt his enthusiasm (although the course is online). When I started the course I was 11th...

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