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Photo of Alexey Shakirov
Posted in: Learner Stories

Moscow, Russia | 21 I live in Moscow where I am studying for my Master’s degree in Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University. I decided to take Electricity and Magnetism from MITx, because it focused on fundamental physics, the core of my studies. The introductory video of the course and the far-reaching name of Professor Lewin impressed me a lot, so I decided to participate...

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Photo of Ifeoma Aya
Posted in: Learner Stories

Port Harcourt, Nigeria | 27 I live in Nigeria where I am preparing to get my Masters in Economics. I recently took the Challenges of Global Poverty from MITx and think that edX is one the best things that has happened to the internet. I found out about edX on my Yahoo messenger page, which I thought was a fraud at first because I thought...

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Photo of Vivian Neejay Innis
Posted in: Learner Stories

Chicago, IL | 30 Growing up, I was always interested in poverty and gender issues. Of particular interest was the relationship between gender inequality and poverty. Through work and life experience, I learned that poverty plays a key role in the unequal power positions between men and women. My interest led me to working with women groups in the communities, and at the national level. I...

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Photo of Tuhin Bagi
Posted in: Learner Stories

Nasik, Inda | Age 15 Hi, I am Tuhin,15, from Nasik, India. I have been associated with edX since October’12. I have already completed 3.091X Solid State Chemistry and would soon be completing 8.02X Electricity and Magnetism. I enjoy being online with edX as it gives me freedom to learn at my own pace. It also enables me to choose the courses of my own...

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Photo of Radhika
Posted in: Learner Stories

New Delhi I live in New Delhi, India and I’m in the 10th grade and I’m 15. Since I was 12, I have been making little circuits of my own and I taught myself how to solder and began making more complicated 
things like music amplifiers and tinkering around with ICs. Thing is, I liked making all this, but I didn’t know how they actually...

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Posted in: Learner Stories

Boulder County, Colorado I am a part-time ski instructor and the mom of five teenagers. We live in a small mountain town in Boulder County, Colorado. When I read about edX in our local paper last year, my initial thought about the online courses was, “That’s really exciting!” My 15-year-old son, who was just beginning to become enthralled with math and chemistry, suggested that we...

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Photo of Amol Bhave
Posted in: Learner Stories

Jabalpur, India I really enjoyed edX’s 6.002 Circuits & Electronicscourse offered by MITx this past fall and was really pleased to get an “A”. Because the follow-up course, 6.003x, is not offered yet, two other students and I decided to start our own online MOOC. So we created 6.003. I served as the website developer and created the whole website. Ashwith and Dan helped me in creating video...

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