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Photo of Janaki Shukla
Posted in: Learner Stories

Palo Alto, CA To the edX staff and the 7.00X team led by Professor Eric Lander:  Wow !!! What a blast the last 10 weeks have been. I think I can safely say that I may be a unique breed of student in this class on edX. I earned a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry from UCSB and worked at Syntex Pharmaceuticals in Palo...

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Photo of Sophia Ivanova
Posted in: Learner Stories

I really want to thank the 7.00x team for the effort and dedication! This course literally changed my life. Eric Lander is one of the few teachers that are thoroughly devoted to their work! I literally saw the sparkle in his eyes when he gave the lectures and I felt his enthusiasm (although the course is online). When I started the course I was 11th...

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Photo of Stjepan Petruša
Posted in: Learner Stories

Zagreb, Croatia | 19 Before a few days I finished 3rd class in high school, and also I finished two courses on EdX (8.02x and 6.002x). I’m still in high school and I already completed few university courses (6.00x, 8.02x and 6.002x). I like to learn, especially new things and edX brought me that. It changed my way of learning, it gave me a chance...

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Photo of Mohammad Haffiz Ating
Posted in: Learner Stories

Marawi, The Philippines | Age 19 “I’d rather play games than learning online” – that was the old me. I usually spend my free time playing games and in socializing sites. But definitely after meeting EdX, I spend more time on learning. When I registered in EdX, I thought that I would be boring for me because in schools the instructors are usually boring so...

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Photo of Gustavo Segundo
Posted in: Learner Stories

Montevideo, Uruguay | 52 I live in Uruguay, where I am studying for my Master’s degree in Physics. I took Electricity and Magnetism on edX to improve my knowledge of Physics by accessing high quality learning material. EdX is an excellent tool for me to improve my knowledge in my field of study. Professor Walter Lewin’s course gave me a different point of view (a...

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