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Discover the thrill of learning how to code, understand the science behind election issues and voting, or become a more informed consumer about medicine. EdX has exciting new courses starting soon in a range in topics, from business to physics. Explore our courses and enroll today!

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It’s officially fall in New England, home to edX headquarters. The change in season represents new opportunities to learn and grow. No matter where you’re located in the U.S. or around the globe, there is no better time to start learning than now. Don’t hesitate to join us in one of our hundreds of fun and engaging online courses. Check out the eight courses below and sign...

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Cursos en Español en edX
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La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), España, vuelve a ofrecer el 6 de octubre de 2015 sus primeros cuatro MOOCs en castellano: Además, desde ya mismo puedes inscribirte en los nuevos MOOCs de la UAM para febrero de 2016: Educación de calidad para todos. Equidad, inclusión y atención a la diversidad. Aprenderás cómo debería ser un sistema educativo que promueva la calidad sin renunciar a...

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Becoming an edX student is easy! Once you’ve registered, find a course that interests you and start learning today. EdX enables you to take courses from the best professors, universities and institutions across the globe, while connecting with smart and passionate people, just like you. Today we’re highlighting nine new courses that start next week. Start learning today!

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Patricia Harrer Frazier South Bend, Indiana, USA | Age 73 My name is Patricia Harrer Frazier, aka Grandma Pat. I live in a retirement community in South Bend, Indiana. I was privileged to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music from DePauw University, and to do additional studies in music and Spanish at Indiana University at South Bend. After a couple of short stints in...

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