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Photo of Liliana Martínez
Posted in: Learner Stories

Mexico Hello my name is Liliana Martínez and I’m from Mexico. I just wanted to thank edX for this amazing opportunity. Being able to watch lectures from top universities like Harvard and MIT for free, is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. This year I enrolled in Justice by Michael Sandel and just loved it, this course changed my life, it broadened my perspective and encouraged...

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Photo of Mohammad Haffiz Ating
Posted in: Learner Stories

Marawi, The Philippines | Age 19 “I’d rather play games than learning online” – that was the old me. I usually spend my free time playing games and in socializing sites. But definitely after meeting EdX, I spend more time on learning. When I registered in EdX, I thought that I would be boring for me because in schools the instructors are usually boring so...

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Photo of Hamroz Abduhoshimov
Posted in: Learner Stories

Turkey It was my dream to study abroad, but because of I’m from a big family and not enough budget i couldn’t afford tuition and living expenses. So, I decided to realize my dreams by being granted with scholarship opportunities. During my bachelors degree I spent summer holiday in the states by participating in an exchange program, after graduation of my bachelors degree I intended...

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Photo of Jayson Quilat
Posted in: Learner Stories

The Philippines I am from the Republic of the Philippines. I live with my brother and his family. My father died when I was a high school sophomore. When I was little, my Papa would always tell me that KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION is important. He would always say that the world is such a beautiful place and that we must always cherish it. I believe...

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Photo of Carolina da Costa
Posted in: Learner Stories

Uruguay My name is Carolina and I live in Uruguay. I audited the course Justice in which I had an opportunity to learn and reflect as I was cooking, cleaning or just having tea at my house hundreds of miles away from Harvard. EdX constitutes an excellent way of learning independently. Thank your for getting me closer the courses and the people, I already signed...

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