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Are leaders made or born? In a survey administered by the The Center for Creative Leadership, C-level executives from companies across 53 countries were asked this question. Below are the results: About 53% of top executives think leaders are made About 19% think leaders are born Just over 25% think leaders are both, born and made. With many believing that leaders are in fact made, it presents the question, can...

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Explore our courses and enroll today! Learn how to better study consciousness, interact with virtual patients or build the next big mobile app. EdX has exciting new courses starting soon in a variety of subjects to help enhance your skills and knowledge.

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At 172 years old, A Christmas Carol withstands the test of time. Whichever holiday you celebrate – or if you abstain altogether – A Christmas Carol‘s lessons of selflessness and self-reflection are universal, and the story greatly influenced historical traditions. Read on for six facts about the classic novella from our resident Dickens expert, UC Berkeley Professor Maggie Sokolik, and enroll in “A Christmas Carol”...

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The Dickinson Family Port St. Joe, Florida, United States I am a parent of 3 mature homeschoolers who have been taking the first section of Eric Foner’s Civil War – Reconstruction course. I just have to tell you that I have never seen a middle schooler and 2 high schoolers so engaged in an online course! My sons really enjoy this instructor (so much so they often...

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