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Colombia Last year, for the very first time I started a course on edX: UC BerkeleyX’s ColWri2.2x: Principles of Written English, which allowed me to be part of a community and share with people around the world. It was so an amazing experience! I want to learn more every day, and edX gave me that opportunity. I can also certificate my knowledge about every new thing I learn. How...

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Photo of Hassaan Chaudhary
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New York City | Pakistan I’m from NYC where I am currently studying at Baruch College, originally I’m from Pakistan. My take on edX is that it is surely the best thing ever happen to mankind since its inception. My odyssey to edX so far has been absolutely amazing. Gaining knowledge and then cultivating it into something productive is precisely what I always wanted to...

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Photo of Khushbakht Awan
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Pakistan I live in Peshawar, Pakistan. Here women in particular have to go by some different set of rules. Things are changing here rapidly but that change here will not be considered as descent or suitable for women if you go by it. I got married at an early age – arranged marriage. I was doing my O-Levels from Islamabad, Pakistan. I was not able...

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Photo of Liliana Martínez
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Mexico Hello my name is Liliana Martínez and I’m from Mexico. I just wanted to thank edX for this amazing opportunity. Being able to watch lectures from top universities like Harvard and MIT for free, is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. This year I enrolled in Justice by Michael Sandel and just loved it, this course changed my life, it broadened my perspective and encouraged...

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Photo of Mohammad Haffiz Ating
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Marawi, The Philippines | Age 19 “I’d rather play games than learning online” – that was the old me. I usually spend my free time playing games and in socializing sites. But definitely after meeting EdX, I spend more time on learning. When I registered in EdX, I thought that I would be boring for me because in schools the instructors are usually boring so...

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Photo of Russell Taylor
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Mougins, France | 78 I am retired and live near Cannes, France. I first heard about edX from a friend. I am interested in classical mythology and history, so I decided to take The Ancient Greek Hero from HarvardX, taught by Professor Gregory Nagy. I am using what I learned to engage in rich discussions with my fellow retired friends. There is a group of...

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Uganda | 19 My name is Berak. I am 19.I am Eritrean, currently living in Uganda as a Refugee. I moved from my country Eritrea where I had everything I ever needed, due to the political problems. I came to Uganda and continued High School. But due to the unemployment of my dad I had to stop school. That shattered my plans in pieces. I...

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Photo of Kevin Hughes
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Wilmington, NC | 62 For me edX is no joke. And I would know. I spend 28 weeks a year at sea as a professional comedian for Princess Cruise Lines. I have a degree in History and heard about edX while taking an MIT OpenCourseWare course in Neuroscience. There isn’t much high speed internet on the open ocean near the equator, but when I came...

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