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Are you interested in participating in an exciting online learning experience? If so, edX has new courses designed to provide you with world-class education at your convenience. We’re spotlighting 10 courses starting soon that range from leadership training to computer programming. Join us and sign up for a course today!

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Becoming an edX student is easy! Once you’ve registered, find a course that interests you and start learning today. EdX enables you to take courses from the best professors, universities and institutions across the globe, while connecting with smart and passionate people, just like you. Today we’re highlighting nine new courses that start next week. Start learning today!

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Pursuing a No-Pay MBA with edX Kigali, Rwanda | Age 33 Originally from St. Louis, MO, I currently work in international development, focusing on economic development and public-private partnerships for USAID in Rwanda. I decided to pursue an MBA, but as I had already completed my bachelor’s degree in politics from Oberlin College and a master’s in geography from Temple University, I wanted to do...

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Anant Agarwal, edX CEOAt the heart of everything we do at edX, our mission is to increase access to education and promote lifelong, continuous learning. Two years ago, we launched edX by offering high-quality college courses from our member universities, and this founding mission will always remain a strong focus. Recently, we launched our high school initiative—a collection of MOOCs specifically geared to high school students around the world....

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