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AP English
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The AP® English Language and Composition exam has two parts: multiple choice and free response. The multiple choice section lasts one hour and tests the ability to read, comprehend, analyze and interpret various types of rhetoric. The 2 hour and 15 minute free response portion of the exam is especially challenging because students are required to compose an argument and cite various sources from supplied...

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September is right around the corner and we are transitioning from the carefree sunny days of Summer Learning @ edX to hitting the books again with our Back to School blog series! This week, the experts at SMES tackle the stresses of the college admissions process. Roland Allen & Amy Warren | Instructors, The Road to Selective College Admissions The college admissions process can be complicated, overwhelming, and...

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This summer, learners from across the globe are challenging themselves on edX, learning new skills and exploring new subjects through Summer Learning @ edX. Seasons may change, but there is still always more to learn! Over the coming weeks, we will be transitioning from Summer Learning to our Back to School blog series. From the college admissions process to in-demand career skills, this series will...

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