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Why study business? Aside from business being the most popular field of study worldwide, particularly at the graduate level, gaining foundational business skills gives you the opportunity to advance your career in a variety of different companies and industries and in a variety of different roles, from accounting and finance, to marketing and advertising. Also, salary expectations for those with a business degree rank the third...

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Data visualization of first languages spoken by people around the world.
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Learning a second language can have a huge impact on your career. In fact, it can provide you the edge you need to stand out in today’s competitive job market. The skill to communicate with different people from around the world has become a coveted one both socially and professionally. Rapid globalization has facilitated international relationships in nearly every realm of economy, politics, and culture....

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Today, we have guest blog post from Ankit Khandelwal, an edX student, based in India, who developed a personal project and course of study using MOOCs and online learning to expand his skill-set and worldview. How I used MOOCs to understand different cultures and to broaden my knowledge. ‘Globalization’ is a popular word. Yet, few have a clear idea about what it requires to develop...

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Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is well-known for educating the world’s future leaders and problem solvers. With prominent alumni such as the former President of the United States Bill Clinton and numerous diplomats and politicians, the School of Foreign Service continues to attract students from around the globe who are passionate about values-driven international service. This fall, we are delighted to...

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