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Considering an AP course this fall? College prep courses, such as Advanced Placement® classes, are among the most important factors in college admissions today. To help you excel in high school and prepare for college, edX offers more than 40 high school courses from top universities. The edX High School Initiative is also a great way for learners of any age to explore a new...

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Whether you are interested in building a robot, preparing for the new school year’s AP courses, or exploring da Vinci’s most inspiring art, edX has just what you are looking for this week. Check out these exciting new offerings and enroll in a course that sparks your curiosity today!*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of,...

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Just last month, we announced our new edX high school initiative. Over the past few weeks we’ve received wonderful feedback from students excited to better prepare for their educational future, and from high school faculty looking to supplement their curriculum. We’ve introduced more than 30 high school courses and course modules covering a vast range of topics, with more to come. To learn a bit more...

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Today, we launch our new edX high school initiative–26 MOOCs in a wide variety of subjects specifically geared to high school students around the world. We know that nearly 150,000 edX learners are high school students, and developing high quality, engaging, and interactive courses to specifically meet the needs of this student population is a high priority for us at edX. These courses will open...

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