Stripe Payments for Open edX

Disclaimer: This is awkward. I’ve written a post about Stripe and I will soon depart edX to join Stripe in January. The work I describe was started in February 2017, well before my decision to join Stripe. No part of this work is sponsored by Stripe; although, we welcome all donations!

We use CyberSource and PayPal to process payments on Integrating other processors has not been an easy task for our open source developers, so earlier this year we decided to make that portion of our codebase a bit more modular to better empower developers to integrate with alternative payment providers. I had started prototyping a plugin architecture before someone reminded me to get some data to support the initiative. (Rookie mistake on my part.)

That suggestion saved us a lot of potential wasted time and resources. We surveyed our open source community and discovered that nearly all use CyberSource, PayPal, or Stripe. Given this data, it made little sense for us to invest in a plugin architecture. We decided any time dedicated to payments would be better spent providing an integration with Stripe. Unfortunately, this work was de-prioritized to make way for our Professional Certificate programs, followed by work on multi-tenancy, followed by work on other projects.

I am exited to finally announce that Open edX maintainers can now process payments via Stripe with minimal setup! This integration includes support for charges via direct credit card entry, Apple Pay, Pay with Google, and the Payment Request API. Documentation is available on Read the Docs. Users of Open edX Devstack can try it out now—after pulling the latest Docker images—using the included test keys.

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