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Zagreb, Croatia | 19

Before a few days I finished 3rd class in high school, and also I finished two courses on EdX (8.02x and 6.002x). I’m still in high school and I already completed few university courses (6.00x, 8.02x and 6.002x). I like to learn, especially new things and edX brought me that. It changed my way of learning, it gave me a chance to see how to put fun in something I do everyday. In other words edX changed the way I think, live and access everyday tasks. I already registered for a couple new courses (8.01x, UT. 1.01x, UT. 2.01x, SPU27x …)

You don’t need to know everything to finish any one of plenty courses which edX provides. It is only required to have a passion for new things, desire for knowledge and persistence. The best schools and the best stuff and teachers will try to show and transfer to you the power of new technologies and new ways of learning.

No matter who you are, where do you live, what color your skin is, or even how old are you. EdX does not discriminate you because of your religion, education or social status. It was intended to serve all of us because knowledge should be free and easy available.

Words can’t describe edX how I would like to, so the best way for you to feel what edX truly is is to register and start learning. And don’t forget to spread knowledge you have learned to the others.

The knowledge can be imagined as a staircase on which we need to climb to the top. And edX is here like a little assistant who helps us to reach our goal. For me edX is open, free and new way to learn new things. The whole world became a new classroom.

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