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Steel: The Metal That Holds Civilization Together

Learn about the material that helped build our cities, agriculture, and even clothes. Introduction to Steel, now self-paced, will give you an overview of this fascinating metal and all of its uses. Through hands-on experiments, demonstrations and examples you will learn how we use steel in our everyday lives.

The previous run of this engineering course had great success with an astounding 29% completion rate! Hear from previous learners, all over the world, on what they loved about Introduction to Steel.

Tenaris University and companies all over the world, in part with the World Steel Association, have incorporated this course into their on-boarding process to help train employees. Like edX, they support the use of MOOCs to help better prepare and train employees in their careers.

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This is a guest blog post by Mark Miodownik, course instructor of Introduction to Steel. Mark is a materials scientist, engineer, broadcaster and writer at University College London.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors learned how to turn rocks into a special type of metal. Since then, this metal has helped us build our cities, our agriculture, our clothes, and essentially everything else on which we rely. It now underpins the whole of our civilization, and yet few people notice it. They don’t know how it works. This material is steel.

Why learn about steel? By far the most important, multi-functional and most adaptable of materials, steel plays a major role in our lives. It influences the cars we drive, the building we work in, and the houses where we feel safe.

Introduction to Steel aims to explore the past, present and future of steel and its many uses– some of which are invisible to the ordinary eye. This is the second MOOC presented by TenarisUniversity, the corporate university of the steel tube and oil services company Tenaris.

Introduction to Steel has been designed to spread the word about steel and its many uses: steel’s history and cultural context, where it comes from, how it works, why the world uses so much of it, and how it might be used it in the future.

The course has been designed and produced in alliance with steeluniversity, an initiative of the World Steel Association to deliver education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses.

Enroll today to find out where steel comes from, how it is used by everyone, everywhere and everyday, and how its ubiquity can make an important contribution to Humanity’s sustainability in this exciting MOOC, Introduction to Steel.

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