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Whether you are looking to learn a new technology this summer or want to refresh your math skills, we have the course for you with Summer Learning @ edX! From planes, to the cloud, smartphones, sports, and more, here are some interactive math and technology courses to keep your mind curious all summer long! Enroll today!

The Analytics Edge – MITx – June 2, 2015

Data is rapidly changing businesses, how we interact with each other, and the future. In this course, you will apply analytics to real world situations to better work with data and improve your problem solving skills. Engage with examples of analytics making a difference in a course that will give you an edge in your career!

Introduction to Cloud Computing – IEEEx – June 3, 2015

Uncover new ways to use cloud computing to solve all types of problems. Get acquainted with different cloud computing service and deployment models, cloud infrastructure, cloud scenarios, and more. Gain a solid understanding of the issues surrounding cloud computing, as you learn to make smart decisions while using this popular technology.

Linear Algebra, Foundations to Frontiers – UTAustinX – June 3, 2015

Linear algebra is at the root of scientific computing and many of today’s real world problems. Dive into the development of mathematical theory in a visual course designed to connect mathematics with programming. Gain a deeper understanding of this essential discipline in this interactive course applicable all over the world!

Math in Sports – NotreDameX – June 15th, 2015

Chance, strategy, and physics all have an impact on the athlete’s performance. Learn how the application of math can give us better insight into the sports we love. Use probability, model physical systems, game theory, and more to analyze the game. You will become an expert in the technicalities of sport, so get off the bench and take this course!

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making – DelftX – Self-Paced

In today’s world, multisystem issues, like global energy reform, are not easily defined, and do not have simple answers. Using analytics, learn to weigh the costs and benefits for creating and implementing potential solutions for a wide range of challenges. Improve your decision-making with a course that will make you more confident, as you think rationally about complex problems!

Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering – DelftX – Self-Paced

Imagine the astonishment of the Wright brothers if they could see what planes can do today! Delve into the history of and map the advances made in aeronautic engineering from the beginning of aviation to the development of the current Airbus A380. Come aboard this engaging course and your knowledge of aeronautics will be sure to take off!

Explore Statistics with R – KIx – July 7, 2015

Statistics is all about turning data into group decisions. This course teaches you the basics of R, a powerful open source programming language used for data inquiry around the world. Conduct your own experiments to solve real life problems by exploring specific examples in a course that will ready you for the world of statistical analysis.

Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds – UC BerkeleyX – July 13, 2015

From robots to smartphones, we interact with the digital world everyday. Learn the basics of engineering electronic devices and use these skills to build a robot from scratch. You will explore the building blocks of electronics as you learn by doing in this interactive course!

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