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Stanford and edX Collaborate on Open Source edX Platform

Today, we are realizing this vision as we announce that the entire edX learning platform will be released as open source on June 1, 2013. The release will include the learning platform; edX Studio, our course authoring tool; edX101, an online course on how to teach an online course on edX; and assessment tools, such as our peer grader and our AI grader based on machine learning.

We believe that drawing upon the global community of developers will be the most effective way to rapidly evolve the platform to deliver the best quality and most accessible online and blended learning experience. Educational institutions will be able to host their own instances of the edX platform, enabling them to offer their own online and blended learning platforms. This open source platform will allow institutions to work with edX to adapt the code and continue to enhance it for their needs.

I’m particularly pleased that one of the first institutions to adopt the edX platform and collaborate with us on its evolution is Stanford University, which shares our commitment to open source and the possibilities it represents. Stanford will be using the edX platform for MOOC style courses as well as an internal platform for online coursework for on-campus and distance learners. In addition, Stanford will collaborate with us on the ongoing development of the open edX platform. UC Berkeley, one of our earliest XConsortium partners and contributors to the edX platform, played a key role in fostering this collaboration, realizing there was much to gain by connecting our organizations to work toward developing an open-source platform.

Today’s announcement points to the emergence of an exciting period of innovation in education. It signals the integration of online and on-campus education. With organizations like Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT and our other XConsortium members, we are expanding the possibilities of online and on-campus learning and facilitating greater collaboration among educational institutions around the world.

I’ve often said that edX will become the “Linux of Learning.” I believe as we continue to develop and adapt edX’s open source platform, that it will grow, evolve and touch many areas of education; just as Linux has become integrated into many of the technologies we rely on today. Here’s to the future of learning!

By Anant Agarwal, edX, CEO