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High Demand Skills for Freelancers

The freelance marketplace Upwork just released its latest skills index which tracks the fastest growing skills based on freelancer billings year over year. “Freelancing” is now synonymous with possessing multiple skillsets — freelance jobs can range from web development, to SEO, to social media marketing. Upwork’s skills index is a great resource for freelancers looking for the latest high-demand skills, or for any professional (full time or otherwise) seeking to grow their own expertise for the digital economy. We were especially excited to see that several of the knowledge areas identified as fast growing map back to edX courses. See below for a rundown:


Deep Learning:

As businesses use more big data for critical insights, working within deep learning frameworks could be an essential part of your data science career. 

PyTorch is an open source machine learning library that provides both tensor computation and deep neural networks. It was created by Facebook’s artificial intelligence research group and is used primarily to run deep learning frameworks. 

Keras is a high-level API to build and train deep learning models that is used for fast prototyping, advanced research, and production. According to Tensorflow.org, it has three key advantages: it’s user friendly, modular and composable, and easy to extend.


Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch from IBM

Deep Learning Fundamentals with Keras from IBM 

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Inference and Statistical Modeling:

Statistical inference and modeling are indispensable for analyzing data affected by chance, and thus essential for data scientists. Learn to make predictions about data, use models to aggregate data from different sources, and do predictive modeling. 


Data Science – Inference and Modeling from HarvardX 

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MATLAB is a programming language used for matrix manipulations, data visualizations, and advanced mathematical computations. Learn to write functions, calculate vectors and matrices, and plot graphical representations of results. Explore ways to organize your work using scripts and functions to improve productivity.


MATLAB and Octave for Beginners from EPFL 

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Microsoft Azure:

Azure was created by Microsoft to offer cloud computing for web hosting, virtual machines, app services, file storage, data management, analytics and more. Azure offers solutions for cloud-based management and processing of Big Data including machine learning, streaming analytics and AI services that can all be managed from a central Azure portal.


Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory from Microsoft 

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