Singaporean Student Makes New Industry Connections in Questrom’s OMBA

Ching Fung Teai has worked in global financial services for more than a decade. In that time, she’s gained extensive knowledge of the Asian commodities markets and worked with clients all over the world. But her professional network was primarily made up of people in the financial services industry, and though she felt content with her career, she wanted to connect with professionals from different backgrounds.

“At this stage in my career, I’m ready to meet diverse people with diverse backgrounds,” Teai said. 

Which Master’s degree program did you take?

Ching Fung was drawn to Boston University’s Questrom School of Business Online MBA program (OMBA) for its outstanding reputation and flexibility. “If I’m really honest, I was sold by the Questrom name,” Ching Fung said. “Questrom is a really great place to connect with ambitious people with goals and aspirations, people who take education seriously.” 

How do you plan to leverage your degree towards your career goals? What’s next for you?

Ching Fung plans to continue to work in her field and for her company, but she’s ready to move up in the organization and take on more responsibility. She knows the OMBA will help her take the next step into a managerial role.

“I think this is the natural next step, a natural progression,” she says. “And I know this will definitely make me more competitive.”

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