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Self-Paced Courses: Convenient, Flexible and On Your Own Time

Want to develop your professional skillset? Eager to explore your interests? Learn something new? In an ideal world, these are all things we would like to do. Naturally, we want to advance our careers and expand our knowledge base, but many of us feel constrained by a number of obstacles – the biggest being time.

Fitting education into a busy schedule can seem like an impossible challenge. We only have so much time, and it can be difficult to allocate it in the ways we would like, especially during a busy holiday season.

But at edX, it’s our mission to increase access to education for everyone – even those with busy schedules. Not everyone can set aside time for formal classes, and even fewer have time to actually keep up with them. However, edX offers nearly 500 self-paced courses from top institutions in order to provide learners with a flexible learning experience. We have a wide range of courses, but our excel online courses are some of our most popular for our audience.

Time doesn’t have to be your enemy. In a self-paced course, learners get access to all content, materials and assignments immediately upon enrollment with no due dates or deadlines. Self-paced courses allow you to work on your own terms, at the times and speeds that are most convenient for you. Learn exactly what you want to learn, exactly when you want to learn it.

Is self-paced right for you? Choose from some of our most popular below, or explore our full list of self-paced courses.

Introduction to Computer Science – HarvardX
Links to Intro to Computer Science from HarvardX         ENROLL TODAY
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel – Microsoft

Links to Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Excel from Microsoft        ENROLL TODAY
The Science of Everyday Thinking – UQx

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