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Saurabh Kumar Gautam

Uttar Pradesh, India | Age 22

I took 14.73x The Challenges of Global Poverty and earned my Verified Certificate of Achievement. I have already completed bachelor of biotechnology and engineering in 2013, when I heard about edX in the newspaper “Times of India”. This was my first online course, and because of it I got a chance to learn from the best teachers of MIT sitting in other part of the world.

I prefer online education as compared to the brick and wall type of classroom education. The course was challenging and was supplemented by edX discussion boards, which was the first point of help. Informal social media was used for discussion and finding other people in the same course to share articles and other information. It was really challenging as the questions were tough, which actually checked our understanding of the online lectures. The later addition of meet-ups was very innovative.

EdX has helped me in deciding my career and education goals because here you can do a course to get to know whether this field is for me or not without getting into a full time formal education then backing outing between masters or graduation.

The course has helped me look at the psychology of the poor people, so that in future if we do any breakthrough products or innovation then we always keep the unprivileged people in our mind.

The course also added value to my professional work; this certificate was one of the deciding factors for getting me admission in the one of the best institute for entrepreneurship and grooming iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology) where hopefully I may pitch for eSchool.

The most memorable was when me and my edX classmates decided to actually put the course to use by starting a group on the Facebook and then laying foundation of a cause based website “Arhata World” as we were doing the course and then I was invited to share the story in first ever edX achievement/ facilitation event in New Delhi.

I am planning to take courses related to Entrepreneurship and other related courses which will help me with the first had information and improve my core competence for making a business plan for my new venture for which I am presently under going grooming iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology India.