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Antwerp, Belgium | 39

I live in Antwerp, Belgium, where I work as a computer scientist. I’ve recently taken Descriptive Statistics and Software as a Service, both from BerkeleyX.

Being a computer scientist, it is very important to stay up to date with new technologies in that field. Often companies don’t want to pay for trainings, but now with edX I have full control of my own training program.

I have tried other ways to stay current with technology, including other online courses, but I’ve found the edX courses the most effective. I want to become a data scientist, and the statistics course helped me refresh my knowledge. SaaS made sure I got to know development methodologies very quickly. The level is quite high so you don’t get bored and the homework makes sure you get the hands-on experience.

I’m a mother with two small children, with a spouse who often travels, and have to fit studying into my already packed schedule. When following regular courses, you always have to find a babysitter, which is often not an easy task, or something else comes up at the moment you should have been in class so you have to skip it. But with edX you can follow the courses when you want (usually when the kids are sleeping). So edX has provided me the possibility to study again in a way that I could never have imagined.

My most memorable experience with edX was being able to continue my courses despite having my hearing aid break and then being in the hospital prior to an ear drum operation. Being hard of hearing, I even more appreciate these courses, as they make it much easier for me to learn new things.

I remember visiting UC Berkeley once many years ago, and realizing how expensive it is to study in the United States. I could never have imagined studying there myself one day. But now I even have two certificates of mastery from BerkeleyX. It is a dream come true.

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