Salvador Sala Pla

Alicante, Spain | Age 54

I live in Spain and have taken five edX courses: Circuits and ElectronicsPython programmingIntroduction to BiologyJustice, and Electricity and Magnetism. I’m a big fan of edX, as edX courses have tremendous importance for personal development and for life.

For young students, these courses are a great opportunity to be able to access the knowledge offered by the top universities in the world for free and without age restrictions. And I think that is particularly important in those countries that do not have many resources for youth to get a first class education.

I also see enormous value for older students like myself: EdX courses play an important role in providing the opportunity for continuing education throughout life.

In addition to the course knowledge itself, I was fascinated by the different course structures and formats. It was impressive seeing the huge classroom for the Justice course. I had never seen a classroom like that before!