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Hyderabad | India | 19

The two courses I am taking on edX help me approach the beautiful world of science in a whole new way.

I am from Hyderabad, India currently studying electrical engineering. I have been interested in electronic devices and gadgets ever since childhood. Even today, I still do not regret getting scolded by my parents for being naughty with these devices which some believe are hazardous!

I’m taking Circuits and Electronics and Electricity and Magnetism, both from MITx. This adventure with edX has been really amazing so far and it has been full of self-discovery and mind boggling moments. I now believe science equals surprise and amazement. One of my favorite parts of taking classes with edX has been helping others through the online discussion forums. I felt so happy that I was there to help fellow learners by sharing what I got and how I approached a particular problem. The amount of support I received in that thread made me really happy.

Today, whatever we learn and read is almost immediately put in front of us to test it in real time scenario in a virtual world! I am pretty sure I will one day be able to thank edX for changing the way I approach studies and learning. Right now I am planning to get a master’s degree. If I manage to take up teaching after my education, i would surely make it mandatory for the people around me to take these courses and learn things as they are meant to be. As someone said, “help 3 people, tell those 3 people to help 3 more people each and continue.