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Mougins, France | 78

I am retired and live near Cannes, France. I first heard about edX from a friend. I am interested in classical mythology and history, so I decided to take The Ancient Greek Hero from HarvardX, taught by Professor Gregory Nagy. I am using what I learned to engage in rich discussions with my fellow retired friends.

There is a group of us down here [near Cannes], mostly interested in intellectual and current affairs rather than golf, that spend much of our time arguing and discussing the modern world. Our age group is 65-90 with backgrounds in government service, academia, legal and accounting, banking, journalism and international business, all at senior decision-making levels.

The quality of the edX courses gives me and my friends pause. Generally, we feel that we have had the best of the modern world. But MOOCs may well persuade us that we missed out on our education and that we can now make up for that, as well as giving us ammunition in our own ongoing debates!

What’s in my future? More edX courses and debates