Reskilling to Adapt to Changes in his Job Responsibilities: Meet Zvonimir

What program did you take on edX, and what were your goals in taking it?

I took the Electric Cars Professional Certificate Program from TU Delft. I am an electrical engineer and work as an Energy Advisor in Regional Energy Agency North in Croatia. Since one of the Agency’s activities is e-mobility and since we previously purchased Nissan Leaf through EU project “EVcc”, there was a great need to improve our knowledge in this field. One of the project’s activities was promotion of e-mobility in Croatia so we needed to have advanced knowledge in the field of e-mobility to transfer it on to citizens.

How has the program helped you?

Through this program I gained excellent and useful knowledge which I use in everyday work activities such as developing new e-mobility projects, new solutions and strategies for sustainable local transport and implementation of e-mobility solutions in a smart city concept (e.g integration of charging stations in public lighting infrastructure).

Did your coursework result in any direct outcomes (career or personal)?

Since our Agency did not deal too much with e-mobility before, this program helped us to expand our business scope and improve our competences in the e-mobility field. Furthermore, this program was a great starting point for my personal improvement in this field as after finishing this program, I continued to learn and search about e-mobility solutions even in my free time.