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Global Freshman Academy. Start your freshman year online. hashtag CollegeMyWay
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Anant Agarwal, edX CEO

Global Freshman Academy. Start your freshman year online. hashtag CollegeMyWay

Today, I am proud to announce edX’s partnership with Arizona State University to create the Global Freshman Academy, a first-of-its-kind online learning program that offers a unique way to start your undergraduate education.

The Global Freshman Academy will give learners anywhere in the world the opportunity to earn freshman-level university credit by completing online courses from ASU on edX.org. It truly transforms the admissions process by offering curriculum online for credit where students pay only once they have passed a course. Whereas the traditional college admissions process is closed, the Global Freshman Academy is truly open for all.

By allowing students to learn, explore and complete courses before applying or paying for credit, the Global Freshman Academy reimagines the freshman year experience, and reduces academic and monetary stress. This creates a new path to a college degree for many students who may have never considered a degree a possibility.

Freshman year credit earned through the Global Freshman Academy is a fraction of the cost of traditional on campus freshman year courses. Additionally, this innovative approach differs from the traditional admissions process of other credit-bearing courses and applications process by eliminating barriers to entry, such as standardized tests and transcripts.

The general studies focus areas will include mathematical studies, humanities, arts and design, social-behavioral sciences and natural sciences. The first course, Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy, is now open for enrollment, and starts in August 2015. Two additional courses will be offered starting fall 2015, with the remaining courses scheduled to be released within the next 24 months.

Because the series of courses that make up the Global Freshman Academy are hosted and administered completely online, learning can take place anywhere, at any time of day, any day of the week. The program is perfect for ambitious students who need a more flexible, economically viable model for their education that enables them to hold jobs, work remotely, and save money. It is also a low-risk learning pathway for returning students who may have had to take a break from education, but want to now continue on and pursue a degree. The Global Freshman Academy will also allow students to get a jump-start on their college education while still in high school.

This partnership delivers on the founding mission of edX: the promise to transform education, while increasing access to high-quality learning. As with other innovative technologies in the digital space, the Global Freshman Academy will also help transform educational opportunities that will help people improve their lives.

There are many pathways to success, both academically and in life. We are proud to now offer the Global Freshman Academy as one of them.

Read on for more information, and start learning and exploring today.

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