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AMA with Amnesty International

Join an AMA with Amnesty International MOOC facilitators.

Edit: The AMA is posted, here!

Thursday, November 19, join us on r/iAMA to ask your questions of Emilie White, Education Technology & Communications Adviser at Amnesty International, Barbara Weber, Global Director for Human Rights Education, and Gerald Kador Folkvord, Political Adviser and Human Rights Education Coordinator at Amnesty International Norway. Emilie, Barbara, and Gerald are three of the facilitators for Amnesty’s new edX course, Human Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression.

AMA means “Ask Me Anything.” Questions about Amnesty International, their MOOC, human rights education, and more, are fair game. (The AMA is not intended to be a Q&A solely about the course itself.)

How to participate in the Amnesty International AMA:

  • 9AM ET / 2PM GMT: We’ll post the AMA and link to it from this page. We’ll also message the AMA out via edX social channels (follow edX on Facebook and Twitter).
  • 9AM – 10AM ET / 2PM – 3PM GMT: Redditors – students and non-students alike – ask questions and can vote on other questions according to which they would like to see answered. Be sure to log in, ask your questions, and upvote others’ questions and comments to help guide the conversation – see below for more information on how reddit works.
  • 10AM ET / 3PM GMT: Emilie, Barbara and Gerald will then go through and respond to any questions they would like.

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Human Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression begins November 17 – enroll now!