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Reddit AMA with Video Game Design Industry Leaders—February 15th, 2017

Join us here! 

Many want to become a game designer but don’t know what it really means. What skills do you need, and what job opportunities are there in the industry?

In the Video Game Design XSeries, those questions and more will be answered by Rochester Institute of Technology’s Game Design and Development faculty and the director of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games at The Strong National Museum of Play. You will learn how various roles within the video game design discipline work together, helping you dive deeper into your area of interest and the career paths available.

Want to learn more about the Video Game Design XSeries? This Wednesday, February 15th from 2-4 P.M. ET, ask your questions about the Video Game Design XSeries with Stephen Jacobs (Professor, Interactive Games, and Media at RIT) and Jon-Paul Dyson (Director, International Center for the History of Electronic Games and VP for Exhibits, The Strong National Museum of Play).

What is an XSeries?

An XSeries is a group of courses that add up to a rich understanding of an area of study. If you enroll in the verified certificate track, you’ll receive a personalized XSeries Certificate that shows you put in the work once you pass the entire series. XSeries verified certificates is a shareable credential to prove you’ve mastered the material!

How to participate in the AMA:

AMA means “Ask Me Anything.” Questions about our Video Game Design XSeries, career advancement, online education, and more, are fair game. (Current students, please note that the AMA is not intended to be a Q&A solely about the course itself.)

10 AM ET: We’ll post the AMA and link to it from this page. We’ll also message the AMA out via edX social channels (follow edX on Facebook and Twitter).
10 AM – 2PM ET: Redditors – students and non-students alike – ask questions and can vote on other questions according to which they would like to see answered. Be sure to log in, ask your questions, and upvote others’ questions and comments to help guide the conversation – see below for more information on how reddit works.
2PM – 4PM ET: The instructors will then go through and respond to any questions they would like.

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