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All season long we will be sharing summer learning tips and news. To follow along on Twitter, join us with #summerofedX!

Making plans to relax and recharge this summer?

Why not recharge your resume, too! While the world seems to slow down during the summer months, many hiring initiatives kick off in September. With this timing in mind, we area encouraging you to make 2016 the summer of edX. Take advantage of the longer summer days to focus on revamping and refining your resume, CV or LinkedIn profile, by taking a course, earning a verified certificate and showcasing your new knowledge.

Choose to boost your resume by taking a course that gives a deep dive into your current industry, creating an opportunity for progressing your role once HR starts thinking about promotions in September. Or, choose to expand your career horizons by taking an introductory course into a completely new field, gaining the knowledge you’ll need to make the move into a new and exciting industry.

If you’re contemplating a career change, check out our recent blog on the five signs that need to make one! 

From coding to Mandarin, online courses offer the opportunity to learn new skills that will make sure you stand out to employers when September arrives. Organizations like LaunchCode are helping to revolutionize the way that hiring managers think about digital education and training, by demonstrating the huge value add it has for employees. For example, Akshay, a learner from India, credits his job as a software engineer at Microsoft to the programming skills he learned from taking HarvardX classes via edX. Another learner, James from the UK, advanced his career after taking courses to increase his knowledge in sustainability.

Find courses across a variety of in-demand fields and the knowledge you need to succeed in top paying jobs like a data scientist, software engineer or business analyst.

Develop your entrepreneurial instincts or improve your management style. Plus, we’ve gathered education courses for teachers looking to explore the latest techniques and technology, in addition to language courses for English, French, Spanish and more.

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting a variety of courses on the edX blog, in addition to bringing you career tips and advice from our partners. We will also be sharing stories from edX learners across the world, who have benefitted from adding knowledge and skills to their resumes and CVs.  

So, what are you waiting for? Make this the summer of edX and sign up for a course today!

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Start learning this summer!

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