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Reaching Learners Around the World: Meet Eduardo

Welcome back to edX Insider—the series where we learn about edXers across different teams. This week, we sit down with Eduardo, Spanish Marketing Manager.

Quick stats:
Name: Eduardo Zambrano
Role: Spanish Marketing Manager
Nickname: Chucho
Hometown: Popayán, Colombia

What do you think makes edX different?
The passion we have for what we do. At edX, we believe that education can transform lives. It’s amazing to see how edX impacts the lives of so many people, helping them to advance in their professional careers or to learn something new.

What’s your best advice for edX learners?
If you are taking your first course, start with a topic that you are really passionate about. You will learn to use the platform and I am sure that the course will become the first of many. For example, I’m very passionate about Colombian culture, so this course on learning Spanish while exploring Colombian culture is one of my favorites. I also love what my team does from a marketing perspective and digging into the data behind what we do, so this Marketing Analytics course is another great choice.

Also, make connections! edX courses are taken by learners all over the world, so you can make friends while you study and learn from each other.

What’s your favorite part of your role at edX?
I really enjoy having an impact in education in the Spanish speaking community. I also enjoy the interaction with our partner institutions and the collaboration with them to bring their content to learners all over the world.

What makes your role unique?
My team can be really creative about how we market our content to Spanish-speaking learners, as we know there are many countries where learners speak Spanish. These learners have different cultures and backgrounds, but they have something in common: they all want to learn something.

One thing your colleagues may not know about you?
Back home, my family wanted me to work in higher education and become a professor. I decided to focus on the business field, and now I am really passionate about both education and business, as what we do here at edX has a real impact on the lives of many people. In the end, I ended up in a career that I really love.