Python, Hackathons and Job Opportunities: Meet, Ravi

Ravi, an electrical engineering student from India, shares how the accessible materials on edX helped him participate in a Hackathon.

I am a fourth-year electrical engineering student at IIT Madras. I wanted to participate in a Hackathon for the visually impaired that the university was hosting with Vision-Aid, so I took the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python from MITx on edX in order to train for the event. I was very happy with the course, so I went on to earn a verified certificate.

The Python course helped me learn how to solve complex coding problems with an algorithmic way of thinking. I also walked away from the course with new programming skills: I wrote my first code in Python to make a Tic-Tac-Toe game for the Hackathon.

Aside from learning skills to participate in the Hackathon, my main goals in taking courses on edX were to increase my job opportunities and to learn the fundamentals of coding to pursue advanced courses in computer science. I plan on taking Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science from MITx to continue my studies on edX.

Taking online courses on edX is great because there is so much flexibility. I am able to complete edX courses alongside my academic curriculum at university, and all of the materials are completely accessible.

I will be graduating university soon, and I believe that taking courses on edX will help me get a good job. Thanks to edX, I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of learning about a topic that interests me while increasing my career opportunities.