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Welcome to Purdue University, our newest edX member to offer MOOCs to our online learning community.

Purdue’s first MOOC, Organic Electronic Devices, developed by the Purdue-led nanoHUB-U, is now open for enrollment. The course focuses on organic materials, such as polymers, and their ability to conduct electricity.

Known not only for science, technology, engineering and math programs, but also for imagination, ingenuity and innovation, we are pleased to work with Purdue to bring their spirit of discovery to the edX community.

Purdue’s nanoHUB-U plans to develop five nanotechnology courses throughout 2016, and Purdue NExT, which has a stable of nearly 40 online courses, will create an additional five new courses as well.

Purdue’s courses will range from science and art to technology and nanoengineering and will open up a world of knowledge and skills for edX students around the globe.

Please join me in welcoming Purdue and sign up for one of their MOOCs today.

By Johannes Heinlein, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

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