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Data visualization of first languages spoken by people around the world.
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Learning a second language can have a huge impact on your career. In fact, it can provide you the edge you need to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

The skill to communicate with different people from around the world has become a coveted one both socially and professionally. Rapid globalization has facilitated international relationships in nearly every realm of economy, politics, and culture. The result for the job market? Employers today actively recruit bilingual candidates, as clear communication across languages and cultures has become a necessity and thus, a priority. Studies also show that multilingual employees earn, on average, more than their monolingual coworkers. Overall, America’s competitive job market has proved to be kinder and more generous to those with knowledge of a second language.

So which language should you learn today?

Data visualization of first languages spoken by people around the world

Found via IFL Science

Today, nearly one fifth of the planet speaks Chinese. Out of these 1.19 billion people, 848 million alone speak Mandarin. With the world’s largest economy, after recently overtaking the United States, China represents an enormous market – a market made up predominantly of Mandarin speakers. This massive economic power has become one of America’s largest trading partner, forging lasting relationships whose impacts have rippled throughout the job market. The United States Council on Foreign Relations has continuously stressed that, if they are to thrive in the global market, Americans must be well educated in foreign languages that are matched by the fastest-growing economies. In today’s world then, nothing could be more beneficial than a knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

Learn Mandarin with edX this summer and expand your job opportunities!

Dive into the fundamentals of Mandarin and, through six courses, earn proficiency of this tonal language. These courses will enable you to communicate with 848 million new people and improve your career prospects. Let edX help you be an active citizen of the world as you learn this language, build connections across the globe, and prepare yourself for success in today’s job market.

Interested in expanding your language capabilities even further? EdX can help you move from being a multilinguist to being a polyglot! Check out all our language courses and enroll today.

By Mukta Ghorpadey

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